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Business Compliance

We provide those extra services to our business clients to maintain state qualifications and up-to-date minute books.



How you structure your business at the start can have a major impact on your results. Create a firm foundation with the right entity selection, ownership structure, founding documents, and more—all the little details that, done right, give your business the structure it needs to grow and thrive.


Compliance is a day-to-day reality for most businesses. Our meticulous attention to detail and deep industry knowledge take the pain out of complying with complex regulations. Hundreds of clients retain us on an ongoing basis to keep them current with filings, reports, and audits. We can also help you handle governance matters of all kinds at the board and executive level.

Corporate Governance

We provide guidance on all areas of executive and board matters. Our services to business clients include legal advice with respect to:

  • Preparing articles of incorporation, bylaws, limited liability company operating agreements, and buy-sell/shareholder agreements.
  • Dealing with dissident shareholders and executive terminations.
  • Advising on the obligations of directors, senior executives and controlling shareholders with respect to their fiduciary duties, duty of care and the business judgment rule.
  • Advising on the duty of fair dealing as it relates to transactions with the business entity and compensation, the use of material non-public information, and the taking of corporate opportunities and competition with the corporation or other business entity.
  • Advising on matters involving the management of the business, including the powers of senior executives and the board of directors, and directors’, shareholders’ and members’ rights.
  • Advising on the transfer of control of a business entity.
  • Advising on succession plans and exit strategies, and handling company dissolutions (both in contested and uncontested situations).
  • Advising on stock option agreements and plans.


From small spin-offs to billion-dollar deals, we can handle virtually any merger, acquisition, or business transaction. We deeply understand the implications of other considerations when businesses combine, and our international network of collaborators ranges from accountants to investment banks, always with the highest quality and reputation.

Commercial Transactions. We handle all aspects of commercial sales, purchases, collateralizations, contracts and warranties.


Intellectual property can be incredibly valuable, but maximizing its value requires smart legal strategies. Whether you’re just starting
out or have a massive patent portfolio, we help you protect, license, and exploit your knowledge assets. And not just in software—we
serve manufacturers, distributors, life sciences companies, inventors: anyone with a valuable idea.


  • Financial services
  • Industrial and Manufacturing
  • Information Technology and Wireless
  • Distribution
  • Franchising
  • Food and Beverage
  • Insurance
  • Electronic Marketing
  • Travel
  • Domain Names
  • Professional Services


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