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As a business owner or executive, you understand the role that contracts play in your company’s success. These legally binding agreements quite literally form the foundation for how you operate and interact with other parties. Well-drafted, airtight contracts prevent confusion by clearly delineating expectations, responsibilities, liabilities, and outcomes.

Unfortunately, too many entrepreneurs learn the hard way what can happen when contracts contain ambiguities, overlooked terms, or misaligned incentives. Poorly worded language opens the door to disputes, lawsuits, damaged relationships, and even catastrophic financial losses that could shutter a business.

That’s why companies in Frisco and across Texas make the strategic decision to enlist business contract lawyers. Our attorneys craft, review, and negotiate agreements ensuring your rights and interests receive maximum protection.

Our Contract Drafting & Review Services

At Marx Law Firm, we have extensive experience drafting and reviewing the myriad contracts businesses encounter at all stages of their life cycle. Here are just some of the vitally important agreement types we routinely work with:

Business Formation & Operational Contracts

The contracts establishing and governing your business operations represent the critical first step toward long-term success or failure. We draft and refine:

  • Articles of incorporation, operating agreements, corporate bylaws and other formation documents
  • Employment contracts and compensation/equity agreements with executives, managers and key employees
  • Agreements with independent contractors, consultants, freelancers and gig workers
  • Comprehensive confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) protecting your IP/trade secrets
  • Corporate policy handbooks, manuals and guidelines codifying your operating standards

Sales, Vendor & Purchasing Contracts

These represent the contractual backbone of your product/service offerings and supply chains:

  • Sales, distribution and channel partner agreements for selling goods and services
  • Licensing, royalty and intellectual property monetization agreements protecting your IP
  • Procurement/vendor agreements and purchase orders defining pricing, deliverables and liability allocation
  • Consignment deals and negotiation of exclusivity terms with distributors, suppliers, etc.

Real Estate & Construction Contracts

Whether buying, selling or developing real estate assets and facilities, these contracts must adhere to state law while capturing all essential terms:

  • Commercial leases for office, retail, industrial and specialized spaces
  • Purchase and Sale Agreements for acquiring or divesting business properties
  • Construction contracts covering commercial builds, tenant buildouts, remodels and renovations
  • Loan agreements, mortgages and related financing documents for real estate purchases, refinancing, etc.

Other Transaction/Regulated Agreements

Need assistance with high-value mergers, acquisitions, business sales or other complex transactions? We’ve got you covered drafting and negotiating:

  • Asset purchase/sale, merger, acquisition and joint venture contracts
  • Franchise and distribution agreements for expanding market reach
  • Contracts ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations (e.g., OSHA, FTC, EPA,, IRS, HIPAA, etc.)

The Contract Review & Negotiation Process

When you engage our business contract lawyers, your agreements undergo a thorough multi-step process:

First, we’ll conduct an in-depth review identifying any potential risks, liabilities or deviations from your specified interests that require revisions. There’s no such thing as an “industry standard” contract that works for every situation.

Then, we’ll aggressively negotiate with the other party to align terms to provide maximum protection for your business’s rights, intellectual property, financial interests, and future flexibility.

Our attorneys are adept at revising and rewording ambiguous language plaguing many contracts. This prevents situations where reasonable minds could disagree on the rights and responsibilities each side is committing to.

Throughout, we work to obtain explicit provisions shielding your company’s most valuable assets – proprietary information, processes, branding, technology, customer data, and more.

We’re On Your Side For Contract Disputes

Unfortunately, even with our prevention efforts, contract breaches and disputes happen from time to time. When they arise, our attorneys are ready to forcefully advocate for your interests.

We start by assessing the validity and enforceability of the contract using well-established principles of Texas business law. If justified, we’ll issue formal demand letters to the other party seeking an appropriate resolution.

Should negotiations to settle the dispute fail, we can represent you in formal mediations or binding arbitrations as an alternative to costly court battles.

And if litigation becomes necessary to protect your rights, our business litigators won’t hesitate to fight for you in Texas state courts or Federal courts. We’ve achieved many favorable judgments and settlements for clients embroiled in make-or-break contract lawsuits.

Partner with a Trusted Frisco Contracts Attorney

Don’t leave your business exposed to the risks of mishandled contracts. Partner with skilled attorneys who make reinforcing the contractual foundation of your operations a top priority.

It’s not enough to simply re-use boilerplate templates. Each contract must be customized to align with your specific situation, counterparty dynamics, and governing laws.

If you’re seeking a dedicated Frisco business contracts lawyer to draft, review or provide representation, we encourage you to schedule an initial consultation. This allows us to gain insights into your unique situation and contracting needs.


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