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As your business grows and your legal needs become more complex, having experienced business attorneys embedded within your organization can be invaluable. However, the costs of maintaining a full-time in-house legal team are often prohibitive.

This is where our outsourced general counsel services provide a powerful solution. We offer all the benefits of dedicated legal support and strategic counseling without the overhead of permanent staff.

What is an Outsourced General Counsel?

As a business owner or executive, you’re constantly making high-stakes decisions impacting your company’s trajectory. Ideally, these decisions would be guided by seasoned legal counsel intimately familiar with your organization’s nuances, pain points, and ultimate vision. But affording a fully staffed in-house legal department is simply out of reach for most companies.

This is where partnering with an outsourced general counsel firm provides a game-changing solution. Much more than simply hiring outside lawyers for specific engagements, an outsourced general counsel serves as a fully integrated legal partner supporting your team on an ongoing basis.

Our business law attorneys effectively function as an external legal department – providing the proactive advice, strategic counseling and legal horsepower you’d expect from in-house lawyers. However, you gain this indispensable guidance without the crippling overhead costs of employing a full-time staff.

Corporate Transactions & Compliance

At Marx Law Firm, we have a wealth of experience advising companies in Frisco, across Texas, and beyond on the entire life cycle of legal needs they face. Here are just some of the areas where we provide invaluable outsourced general counsel services:

Entity Formation & Restructuring

Choosing the right legal entity is crucial when starting or restructuring a business. We’ll walk you through the pros and cons of corporations, LLCs, partnerships and more based on your goals. Our team will then handle all formation requirements – drafting documents, filing registrations and structuring the business appropriately.

For existing entities, we advise on reorganizations, subsidiary formations, mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and the full range of strategic corporate transactions. We negotiate and document partnership and shareholder agreements governing ownership stakes, equity rights, profit distributions and other mission-critical terms.

Contract Drafting & Negotiations

Does your sales team have the chops to appropriately protect your interests when inking major deals? Are employment agreements, vendor contracts, and real estate leases truly safeguarding your rights? Let our attorneys take the reins on all contractual matters.

We draft, review, and negotiate commercial contracts across sectors, ensuring you have the upper hand. We’ll also document your investor financing rounds, IP licensing arrangements, stock purchase transactions, and everything in between.

Corporate Governance & Compliance

Keeping your business fully compliant with all applicable state, federal, and industry regulations is a complex undertaking that very few companies can truly master alone. We conduct comprehensive audits, establish governance protocols, and provide guidance for meeting your legal obligations.

From data privacy and cybersecurity to corporate recordkeeping, antitrust matters, government contracting compliance and more – our attorneys ensure you steer clear of potential regulatory infractions that could derail operations.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Lawsuits and business disputes are an unfortunate reality from which no company is truly immune. We fiercely defend and advocate for your rights through all stages of commercial litigation, arbitration, and mediation when conflicts do arise.

Our litigators in Frisco and across Texas have extensive trial and courtroom experience. We frequently handle breach of contract claims, business torts, shareholder derivative suits, and all other business disputes.

However, our goal is helping clients avoid costly litigation through careful contract drafting, governance and operating practices that limit liability exposure from the outset. We’ll implement systems and processes aimed at mitigating risks and resolving conflicts before they escalate into formal legal actions.

Specialty Services for Startups & Emerging Companies

New business ventures face a particularly intricate array of legal hurdles that can make or break future success. Our startup-focused attorneys provide strategic guidance through every stage of growth:

  • We’ll draft robust founders agreements, vesting schedules, and equity incentive plans as you build out your team and attract talent. These documents ensure all parties remain aligned and incentivized as you scale.
  • For fundraising, we structure SAFE agreements, convertible notes, and all investor financing instruments to fuel growth while protecting your ownership interests. We also facilitate exits like IPOs or acquisitions.
  • Building an intellectual property strategy is critical. Our lawyers will help identify patentable ideas and secure trademarks, copyrights, and IP assignments to protect your competitive advantages.

No matter what legal hurdles your new enterprise encounters, our team has you covered as a go-to source of trusted counsel.

Partner with Our Frisco Outsourced General Counsel Team

If you’ve been seeking a trustworthy and focused outsourced general counsel to support your business, we invite you to reach out and schedule an exploratory consultation. Let’s discuss your company’s situation and how our attorneys can provide elite legal resources and guidance on an as-needed basis.

By partnering with our team, you’ll gain the experience of seasoned lawyers without the costs of permanent in-house staff. We look forward to taking your operations to new heights through a long-term legal partnership.

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